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Customized 100L Powder Ribbon Mixer

The machine is widely used in food, medicine, lubricating oil and other refined chemistry industry.It is the mixer machine for power products. It can used for various Powder, like detergent powder, milk powder, coffee powder etc.Made from 304 stainless steel. widely used in lots of industries, such as chemical, medicine, dyes, food, fine chemicals (eg:washing powder), building materials, light chemicals. spray automatically with volume no more than 15% because of material adsorption.

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200L Powder Ribbon Mixer Suppliers

The horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction line.It can be used to mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granule. Under the driven of motor, the double ribbon agitator mix the material quickly.The machine had been sold to customers for producing the powder detergent , milk powder, coffee powder etc.

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300L Powder Ribbon Mixer Suppliers

300L Powder Ribbon Mixer is used for various Powder, like detergent powder, milk powder, coffee powder ect.Made from 304 stainless steel. It can help the powder to make more delicate.

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1000L Powder Ribbon Mixer Factory

Horizontal ribbon mixer adopts U-shaped cylinder, with a unique structure of inner and outer ribbon. It's a multifunctional mixing equipment of stable operation, high efficiency, reliable quality, low noise, long life, easy installation and maintenance.

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Climbing Conveyor Belt 3m

Climbing Conveyor Belt is very well suited for a broad range of free flowing products in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, such as snack foods, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionaries. Chemicals and other powder.

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Climbing Conveyor Belt 6m

The belt conveyor is the most ideal high-efficiency continuous conveying equipment for minerals. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be transported by single or multiple belt conveyors or with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layouts of production lines.

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Multifuctional Film Sealing Machine

This machine can use for the monolayer film and various composite film sealing and bag making, which is widely used in food, pharmacy, seed, chemical industry, light industry and other departments.It adopts to electronic constant temperature control and variable speed drive system has the function of automatic continuous sealing, printing labels, once completed, and the horizontal and vertical landing. It works on plastic bag of Polyethylene Polypropylene & Polyolefine Compounds in all sizes etc.

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Powder Sieving Machine Suppliers

This mode of powder sieving machine is a kind of use special vibration motor as vibration source, reference to the famous factory vibration sieve machine features and design of high precision screening filter machinery.this series of products are widely used in all kinds of dry and wet sieving materials, a variety of geometric filtering operations. the characteristics of high performance, low noise and a bouncing ball device to eliminate clogging net and separation type screen for easy network.the machine is fully closed structure, no dust, liquid spilling, continuous operation,which is a necessary equipment for chemical, medicine, plastics, food, mining, environmental protection, abrasives, ceramics and other industries.

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500L Powder Ribbon Mixer Suppliers

The mixer machine is applied in food & chemical & paint coatings industry, machine adopt the ribbon screw blender to have the powder item well mixtured. This powder mixer is sell well in Africa market and get lots of feedback.

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