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1000L heating homogeneous emulsifying machine

Horizontal spiral powder mixer

1000L heating homogeneous emulsifying machine

Main features :
Equipped with air compressor, vacuum machine, high pressure discharge, vacuum defoaming. Dock planner tank, fuel tank, a vacuum homogeneous emulsifying function, from the feeding to the finished product complete together, can produce all of the liquid detergent, hair conditioner, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. 

Material :inside 4mm,304 stainless steel;  outside 2mm, 304 stainless steel; head up and down, the light mirror 
Emulsifying motor: 7.5KW(Siemens);with the timer 
Water treatment motor: 0.37KW(Campsis ) 
Mixing motor :4kw(with scraper)Siemens, frequency control 
Discharging rotor motor:2.2kw(Optional automatic water metering device, the water circulation of vacuum pump) 
Heating power :36kw 
Equipped with a stainless steel electric box, with radiator equipment 
Volume :1000L 
Power Supply: 380V 

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