How To Maintain RO Water Treatment Equipment?

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Maintenance of RO water treatment equipment

1. When shutting down at night, you can use tap water as raw water to backwash the quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter. Because it has a certain pressure of tap water, it can still enter the sand filter and carbon filter through the pump body of the pressurized water pump and the return valve.

2. According to the quality of the raw water and the operation of the equipment, the operation cycle and time of the automatic water softener can be set according to the needs of the user.

3. The quartz sand or activated carbon in the sand filter or carbon filter is recommended to be thoroughly cleaned and replaced once a year or six months.

4. Drain the water once a week. The PP filter element in the fine filter is cleaned every 1 to 3 months. The casing can be removed and removed, the filter element can be removed, washed with water, and then reinstalled. It is recommended to replace it about every six months.

5. If the water production is not reduced by 15% due to the temperature and pressure, or the water quality is gradually reduced to exceed the standard, it means that the reverse osmosis membrane needs chemical cleaning.

6. During the operation of the fully-automatic RO ultrapure water treatment equipment, due to various reasons, some faults may occasionally occur. After a problem occurs, the operation record should be checked in detail to analyze the cause of the fault.

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