Precautions for use of liquid packaging machine

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The process parts of the liquid packaging machine are all made of stainless steel, high-level balance tank or self-priming pump for quantitative filling, direct heat sealing and cutting, bag size, package weight, sealing and cutting temperature adjustment is convenient and reliable, production date ribbon printing, edge sealing, back sealing , photoelectric tracking.

Due to the wide variety of liquid products, liquid product packaging machines also have many types and forms. Among them, the liquid packaging machine used for packaging liquid foods has higher technical requirements. Aseptic, hygienic and safe are the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machines. .
1. Before starting the machine, check whether there are any abnormalities around the machine.
2. During operation, the body, hands and head are strictly prohibited from approaching or touching the moving parts.
3. When the machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to put the hand and the tool into the sealing seat.
4. It is strictly forbidden to switch the operation buttons frequently during normal operation of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to change the parameter setting value frequently.
5. It is forbidden to operate at super high speed for a long time
6. It is forbidden to operate the various switch buttons and mechanisms of the machine at the same time; the power should be turned off during maintenance and maintenance; when multiple people are debugging and repairing the machine at the same time, they should pay attention to communicate with each other and prevent accidents caused by non-coordination.
7. When checking and repairing the electrical control circuit, it is strictly forbidden to work with electricity! Be sure to turn off the power! To be completed by an electrical professional, the machine is automatically locked and cannot be modified.
8. When the operator is unable to stay awake due to drinking or fatigue, it is strictly forbidden to operate, debug or repair; other untrained or unqualified personnel are not allowed to operate the machine.

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