Routine maintenance of RO water treatment equipment

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The processing process of the RO water treatment equipment consists of three parts: pretreatment, membrane module joining process and control system. The purpose of pretreatment is to improve the treated water quality, prevent contamination of the membrane by water contaminants, prolong the service life of the membrane, and reduce operating costs. RO water treatment equipment is the equipment used to produce pure water, and this equipment uses reverse osmosis technology to remove impurities, organic substances in the water, and substances that are invisible to the human eye. How to maintain RO water treatment equipment?


Routine maintenance of RO water treatment equipment
1. Check fasteners and controls for safety and reliability.
2. Check the necessary parts, adjust the gap between the moving parts, and replace the consumables.
3. Clean, inspect, and adjust the electrical parts. Check that the electrical contact is good and the wiring is secure.
4. Thoroughly clean and wipe the dead corners on the inner and outer surfaces of the device to remove surface burrs.
5. Partially disassemble, inspect, and repair the equipment as necessary.
6. Maintenance should be clean, present, natural, smooth, oily, and well lubricated. The equipment is flexible and operates normally.

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